Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We've moved in

So, we have officially arrived in our new home in North Carolina! Our first week here, we were lucky enough to have my mom, dad, and brother (Brian) here to help with the heavy lifting, assembling furniture, and unpacking boxes. Dustin got to show the guys around the military base, and my mom and I did a LOT of shopping for household items around town.

After my family left on Friday, that left Dustin and I with the rest of the decorating and organizing to finish. It is a lengthy process, but we hope to have it all finished so that we can post some pictures up here of our home by this weekend!

In the meantime, this Sunday Dustin and I went to our first mass at the Catholic church here in town, and braved the post-church crowds to eat breakfast at IHOP.

Afterward, I cooked Dustin one of his favorite meals: Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. He loved them so much, he ate 4 of them! I guess we are going to be spending a lot of money on groceries :)

Isn't that apron the cutest?


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