Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

We had the BEST Fourth of July Weekend! Even better still because Dustin's 96-hour liberty doesn't end until Tuesday at 6pm :) Saturday we made the 45-minute drive to Emerald Isle Beach to spend the day soaking in some rays by the ocean. Traffic was a little bit congested close to the beach, but all in all we are pretty excited to be living so close to the beach! We got to lay out on the sand for a bit, and walked up and down the beach for a couple hours. We even saw one of my friends from high school who had come down to the beach from Raleigh.

When we got back from the beach, we decided to spend some time at our pool as well. Dustin and I tried to make a patriotic red & blue drink for the occasion as well!

Then Saturday night we went out to Sharp Shooters to watch the UFC fights that Dustin loves so much. Guys in a military town definitely get into watching these fights! We got to the bar an hour before it started and snagged one of the last available tables.

For the 4th of July on Sunday, we headed to Camp Lejeune's 4th of July celebration. We brought a blanket and cooler, staked out a spot in the shade, and chowed down on some yummy fried chicken sandwiches and listed to Chuck Wicks perform.

Once it cooled down, we met up with our friends Johnny and Rosie to enjoy some of the fair-style fried food: funnel cakes! I think the firework show was one of the best I have ever seen as well.

When we got home from the fireworks, we feasted on some 4th of July brownies - DELICIOUS!
Hope everyone else's 4th of July weekend was just as wonderful as ours was, and God Bless America!


  1. omg those are brownies?! they look delish!! thanks for stopping by my page! love meeting new girls in the Jacksonville area! I want to try to plan a girls night out! :)

  2. A girl's night out would be so fun! I know like NOBODY in town so far, so I would definitely be in!


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