Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Allergies ?

Shortly before I moved to North Carolina, I developed a bout of sneezing issues, which I just attributed to the change of seasons in spring in Florida. While the sneezing can come and go, it has never completely disappeared. I have basically surmised that I am allergic to our cats. Not deathly allergic by any means, but annoying allergic. Like, if I pet the cats and then touch my face or rub my eyes, I have red, itchy eyes for hours afterward. It is something I have gotten used to for the most point. Since we bought the Cat Genie and set that up in the laundry room, I have noticed that my allergies have lessened some during the daytime.

This Sunday I finally reached the breaking point of my morning sneezing and blowing nose routines. I stripped every piece of bedding, pillow, and blanket in our house. We washed them in hot water to kill all the allergens and dust! The hardest part is agreeing that our two lovely kitties are not allowed in our bedroom anymore. I just have to protect my poor body so I can get a good night's sleep. So Bailey and Colby, you're sleeping on the couch from now on!


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