Friday, June 15, 2012

The best things in life...

aren't things!

I saw this quote on an adorable Pinterest project (add it to my mile-long to-do list for this summer).

Today being my first official day of summer break, I took the time to enjoy some of these "things".

Open windows - There is just something about feeling the breeze coming through the windows, hearing the birds chirping outside, and letting some sunshine into my apartment.

Facetime with my cat - My parents are watching my cat so I can go on a fabulous vacation with hubby. He definitely got himself stuck in the empty space in the corner between cabinets for two days, and my dad figured out how to dismantle the cabinet baseboards to let him escape. It is so cute to see Colby go crazy when he hears my voice on the iPhone - he starts meowing and rubbing against everything in sight. Miss that kitty!

Clean bedding - I stripped all the sheets, pillowcases, and bedspread today. I love that first day clean feeling when I change all the sheets and make the bed all nice and neat.

And even though I said I would talk about non-things, I bought a new vacuum cleaner today and I am THRILLED that it actually picked up all the dust and cat fur that I kept noticing the old vacuum cleaner was leaving behind. I guess that's a sign that you are getting old and boring when a new vacuum cleaner makes your day!


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