Saturday, July 21, 2012

First Car Repair

When I graduated college in 2008, my parents bought me a brand new Nissan Versa hatchback. It was their way to say "congratulations" and since I had a full academic scholarship to University of Florida, it replaced the cost of paying for my college.

Fast forward four years and two months, 57,000 miles, and two different states, and I had my very first thing go wrong with my car today (beside flat tires). My battery died.

I am so glad we keep emergency roadside assistance on our Geico policy, and they arrived within 45 minutes to test my battery, jump my car, and leave me to drive over to AutoZone. I knew as soon as I shut off the engine my battery would die again, so I left my car running as I ran into AutoZone to make sure they would install my new battery for me, because I have no auto know-how. They did and I left with a running car and a 7-year warranty on my new battery!

I love my little car and can't wait to embark on my 8-hour road trip to Atlanta to visit family! New battery and all.


  1. YAY! Have a safe trip! And holy crap, that's like no miles at all compared to what we have put on our cars in less than 3 years!!!

  2. Drained car batteries are the most common breakdown problem. This is due to old batteries, and cars that are not consistently used. Reviving a battery can be done by jump starting the car (just like yours), and recharging the battery. However, if the battery is way too old to handle its job, then replacing it would be better.
    Andre Brennan


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