Sunday, July 25, 2010

Car Shopping

Since I moved to North Carolina a month ago, Dustin and I have been sharing one vehicle: my Nissan Versa. That's been okay, since it's summer break and I don't have work to go to each day. Now that August is rolling around, and I am *anticipating* having a job, we decided to go car shopping Friday when Dustin got off work.

We had a price in mind, but honestly thought we would have to leave town in order to have a big enough selection to get the kind of car we wanted, at the price we wanted as well.

Well, 4 hours after walking into the Stevenson Mazda dealership, we walked out proud owners of this beautiful brand-new Mazda 3!

Dustin is happy as can be (he got his manual that he was being so picky about) and I am ecstatic to get my car back full-time as well!


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