Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dustin's birthday

Today was Dustin's 25th birthday. Since it was on a weekday, he had to work, so he left this morning at 5:00 to get there in time for early morning PT. I visited him during lunch at work to bring him his favorite yummy Checkers fast food and a cake for him to share with his work buddies.
He got to leave work early for his birthday, and we had a pretty chill day just relaxing at the casa. He was super excited to get a Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons jersey and a matching hat from me :) He loves his football!

All Dustin said he wanted for his birthday was a yummy steak dinner. We thought about going out to eat, but in an effort to save some money, I decided to cook him dinner myself. So I found a Rachael Ray 30-minute meal involving T-bone steaks, roasted potatoes, and charred asparagus. Jackpot!
For only about $20, I whipped up a tasty steak dinner on our wonderful grill pan (only bummer of our apartment is lack of patio for a grill). Although, it was an epic fail on the part of our stovetop fan, because we set off the SMOKE ALARM! Oops. So glad Dustin knows how to shut those things off because it scared me (and the cat!)


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