Saturday, August 7, 2010

All About Bailey

I realized I never introduced the blog world to our kitty: Bailey! He just turned 1 year old last week and is pretty much the best cat ever (we may be partial, but our friends love him too)!

We adopted Bailey last October from Gainesville Pet Rescue. They think he was probably a stray kitty :( He was less than 3 pounds when we brought him home, and now he is almost 11 pounds! They sure do grow up!

Some of his favorite activities are...


aow;rjaw;sif (that's cat speak for sleeping on the computer keyboard)

crawling into places he probably shouldn't be

chasing the laser
His favorite thing to do is play fetch. He will randomly bring us a toy, drop it next to our hand/foot, and just meow until we throw it. Then he chases it and comes right back for more. Dustin and I laugh, and sometimes wonder if we are training him, or if he thinks he is training us to do what HE wants. :) His newest favorite toys are twist ties. Like the little things that come in electronics packaging or at the end of a loaf of bread. Every day when I go to feed him, he has about 3 twist ties in his bowl. Strange cat, but definitely low budget!


  1. thats so funny that your cat plays catch!

  2. So cute! I wish I could get one but monsters (dogs) wouldn't leave it alone. Paris chomped on one of my aunts chickens the other day.


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