Thursday, August 19, 2010

Road Trip Week: Part 1

I have been neglecting my blog for the last couple weeks as I scramble to get my classroom ready before school begins (next Wednesday!) and prepared for our week-long road trip.

The road trip came about because Dustin was asked to stand up in his friend's wedding in Pensacola, Florida. Since we were going to be traveling the 14 hours via car, we decided we might as well lengthen our trip and visit some friends and family back home in Georgia as well.

We left last Thursday, at 5:30 in the morning. One of the benefits of being married to a marine is that he is always ready to go way before the crack of dawn! This leg of our trip took us from North Carolina, through South Carolina, and finally arriving in Dustin's old stomping ground: Athens, Georgia!

Photos of us riding in the car

We met up with my best friend, Calli, for lunch at a funky little burrito spot called Cali 'N Titos. The food was really yummy, and they even allow you to bring your own cooler of beer to drink there while you eat (which unfortunately, we did not partake in). I was a little traumatized though, because I accidentally locked myself in their hot, stuffy, outdoor bathroom! It was fun catching up with Calli, and I got to hear all about her cute niece and about the job she was hoping to begin.

The bathroom I nearly got trapped in!
(not the men's of course, the women's on the left)

Calli and I posing in front of the funky bus at Cali n Tito's

After our rendezvous with Calli, Dustin had to knock out some homework assignments at Starbucks. Then we spent the evening with all of Dustin's family at his sister's gorgeous house in Bogart. I got to read a little bit to my niece, Alexys, and hear all about her kindergarten teacher, and also say Hi to our nephews, Steven and Alex. The rest of Dustin's extended family came by as well to enjoy some dinner and conversation. It was hard to believe we had not seen all of them in 6 months, since our wedding in February!


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