Friday, September 10, 2010

Bad Luck Blues

This week, my luck has unfortunately shifted to the not-so-good side. I am trying to stay chipper despite some crappy events this week:

1. Wednesday morning: While getting ready in the morning, I walk directly into my laundry room door (apparently I have some depth perception issues). Stubbed my middle toe. As the day progresses, it turns COMPLETELY purple. Yup, I definitely broke it. Have to tape my toes together for the next couple weeks now to fix it up.

2. Later on Wednesday: A child in my class gets accidentally locked in the classroom bathroom (not locked as in using the lock, rather the door handle just got jammed and would not open the door). Reminded me of my near-locked-in-the-bathroom experience a few weeks ago and stressed me out! Luckily they got her out like 5 minutes or so later, after having to call several custodians to help me figure it out.

3. Friday night: Return from a tasty dinner at Olive Gardent with the husband, to find that someone has hit my car while it was parked in our apartment complex! Have a nice big scratched area on the back left corner now.

Hoping that a stress-free and fun-filled weekend will be a cure to this string of back luck.


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