Monday, September 6, 2010

Start of Football Season

My favorite time of year is definitely Fall. You have the nice cool weather, two great holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving), delicious food (apple pie and anything with pumpkin), and my favorite pastime of all: COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!

It should be no secret that as a University of Florida alum that I am a HUGE Gator fan. This Saturday, Dustin and I decided to go out on the town to watch the games since Florida, Georgia, and Georgia Tech would all be playing at the same time. We went to Sharp Shooters, where they had lots of games going. All our teams won (yippee!) and we celebrated with some pretty interesting Touchdown shots (orange vodka and RockStar) which tasted like orange jello. Worst part of drinking early in the day, as we did, was that I was so tired when we got home that we took a nap at 4 in the afternoon. We are getting old!

We finished the evening off with some yummy blizzards from Dairy Queen for dinner. It was a great kickoff to the football season, and we are looking forward to many more fun football adventures in the coming months.


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