Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Date Night Idea

The other night, Dustin and I were chowing down at Macaroni Grill, when we had a fantastic date night idea.

We are going to try and "visit" a bunch of countries around the world, in our very own house! Over the next year, we are going to try and travel to 26 different countries (one every other weekend). Obviously, on a marine's and teacher's salary, we won't be actually traveling to these places, but rather creating the local ambiance here in our kitchen and living room. We figure that we will cook a meal from that country, buy some wine or beer, listen to some of their music (streaming online I hope) and rent a movie that takes place there.

We are thinking that it will be a lot more fun (and cost-effective) than going out to eat for date night, and we are going to post photos of our "travels" here on the blog for you all to check out.

Our first stop will be England!

1 comment:

  1. Such a great idea! When I was in England we ate fish and chips! And LOTS of Indian food lol. Apparently it's really big there!


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