Saturday, September 25, 2010

Time Flies When You Are Incredibly Busy

It's weird. All summer long I felt like we had nothing to do to fill our time, and I just waited and waited to find a job. Then I find said job, and I feel like I am in a constant whirlwind. Might be because of our crazy-busy daily schedule:

4:30 Dustin wakes up for work
4:45 Dustin leaves for work
6:00 I wake up for work
7:00 I leave for work
WORK, work, WORK (Which for me involves trying to corral 26 5-year-olds - EXHAUSTING!)
5:00 I get home from work, exhausted, and talk with my mom / play with Bailey
6:00 Dustin gets home
Rest of the night - We pretty much watch some TV, eat dinner, talk about our days, then get ready for bed again!

While we have time to chat with each other, I really miss the long stretches of time together over the summer, without thinking about work cutting into my weekends and weekday nights. I am counting down the days until a long weekend, but unfortunately that doesn't come until THANKSGIVING!!

In this last week, I had a successful open house with my class and their families, and I was really proud of how well my students served as "tour guides" to their parents, even remembering to pull out chairs for their moms! I also got over my cold, and am now considering getting a flu shot this season. I forgot how awful it can be to get sick!

Last night Dustin and I had a hankering for Macaroni Grill, so we drove an hour to Wilmington for some yummy, crusty bread and Penne Rustica. Going to eat here always reminds us of our first days dating (we both worked at the Mac Grill in Buford, GA). Today we slept in, then watched some football games at Heroz, the Sport Bar on base. Gotta love that they have Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer on tap, and don't charge tax! Plus less obnoxious fans than when we try to watch games at Sharp Shooters, another spot closer to our house.

Dustin and I out watching the Gators chomp up Kentucky

Yummy cherry wheat beer

Bailey, trying to escape my grip, after we got back from Heroz

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  1. Haha gotta love Jacksonville! My hubby and I met at Heroes! I haven't been to Sharpshooters yet, but we went to Applebees last Sunday and the place was packed! Congrats on the job, though. Around here it's very hard to get one : )


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