Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Life Update

We had a lot of fun traveling around during August, but it sure will nice to just "stay put" for this month in September.

Dustin is still working hard at his classes that he is taking online, and has gotten used to his new superiors at work. He is pumped up that football season is finally upon us!

I am really enjoying being back in the classroom I survived my first 2 weeks with my little kindergarteners, who are definitely full of energy. I don't want to jinx myself, but it seems like this year is running a lot smoother and I am enjoying myself more in my second year of teaching, than during my first year. I have been busy trying to fill our calendar with lots of exciting things to do this fall.

What is ahead of us this September?

-Trying out some of the local flavor: Farmer's Day in Richlands, and possibly even catching a Rodeo in town
-Hopefully going to a college football game in Raleigh, and tailgating up a storm


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