Tuesday, October 12, 2010

China Travel Date Night

When we started this date night idea, I made a list of about 24 countries I thought I could find food from (8 European, 8 Asian, 8 Everywhere Else). Since we visited Europe last week, we are moving to an Asian country this week to mix it up. CHINA!!

Hubby and I love to eat Chinese food, but the more I thought about it, we don't usually make Chinese food from scratch. It is usually our take-out meal, or we might cook up some stir-fry from a frozen bag. I searched around the Internet for a Chinese recipe that did not involve frying (hot splattering oil freaks me out!), and I ended up finding a recipe for Shrimp Stir Fry with Rice and Cabbage. It was tasty, but needed more soy sauce. Luckily, we keep a big bottle of it in our fridge :)

It was also kind of tricky to find a movie that we could watch, which was filmed in China, and that we wouldn't have to pay to rent. We owned last week's movie, so this time I searched on Netflix's Watch Instantly list, to see what Chinese flicks I could find. Well we found a couple that looked kind of interesting, but once we started chowing down on our food, we decided to just skip the movie this week. Which just made us realize, for a country we think we know an awful lot about, I can't hardly think of any movies about China!

Hopefully we will have a more exciting date night for our next country: Mexico!


  1. ooooh your Mexican date will be delicious I'm sure! This is SUCH a fun idea!!


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