Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things That Make Me Love My Job

1. Hugs from my students. My little kids get SOOOO excited to give me a hug at the end of the day! Or sometimes just in the middle of the day as they are lining up / throwing away garbage / coming to me for what I think is a question but is actually a request for a hug. It is adorable.

2. Parents that go way above and beyond to volunteer their time in the classroom, and support classroom decisions at home. It makes my job so much easier when I know a child's parents are reinforcing behavior and skills at home. The parents at my school now are AWESOME!

3.Being told I am beautiful / nice / funny / the best teacher. Do I deserve the compliments? Probably not on most days, but it sure feels nice to have so many little ones trying to be teacher's pet.

4. Kids saying the darndest things. Not a week can go by without overhearing something HILARIOUS my little 5 and 6 year olds say. Such as: "My underwear just fell off" or...  "He called me a bad word - a MEANIE!"

5. Getting to sing songs with my students. Kindergarten is definitely the easiest grade to "have fun" with. I am loving this year!


  1. I love #4 too. Sounds like your job is pretty sweet! Kids are the sweetest things =)

  2. Hi! I was reading how you moved from FL a few months back and are a teacher :) I will be getting my teaching degree in a year or two and was wondering how hard (or easy) it was to find a teaching job when you moved to your new duty station? I guess I am supernervous because of the budget cutbacks and all that yadayada. BTW hubs and I live in Ft. Bragg :) We go to Wilmington every so often to visit some family :)

  3. It was pretty hard to find a job, but I ended up getting 2 offers at the same time toward the end of the summer! I think it just depends on the specific area you are in, but I would suggest trying to get a head start as soon as you know you are going somewhere, and sometimes directly e-mailing the principals of schools with your resume is a good way to catch their attention.


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