Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Day in Raleigh

Last weekend Dustin and I took a day trip to Raleigh, so that I could go dress shopping for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. Jacksonville doesn't offer much in the way of shopping options, and we LOVE Raleigh!

We first visited Raleigh one year ago, when I took my first trip to visit Dustin and we bought our iPhones. We decided to revisit the Salvadorian restaurant we ate at last year, La Cocina de Mama Greta. It is a very small, hole-in-the-wall joint, but it has incredibly delicious food! I had the Carne Asada de Mama Greta, which was quite tasty.

Next, we went to the Crabtree Valley Mall and spent several hours bustling from one store to another, searching for a ballgown. If only I had a fairy godmother like Cinderella to help me out! While the mall was very crowded, it made me a little homesick to living back in Georgia right near the mall. I have to say, I would not mind living a little bit closer to a larger town. With Wilmington an hour away and Raleigh 2 hours away, I guess we are just getting a little bit better about planning an entire day full of fun when we decide to make the drive out of town. Here are some photos of Dustin and I on our shopping adventure! 

This isn't my ball dress, just one I tried on. You will have to wait until next week for the pictures of my actual dress.


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