Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad Case of Cabin Fever

If you didn't already know, I lived in Florida the last 6 years. So let's just put it this way, I got spoiled. Like ridiculously spoiled, still 70 degrees in December spoiled when it comes to weather. This winter in North Carolina is starting to wear thin on me. Sure, the snow was pretty in December, and while inconvenient, it was neat to have some snow days in early January. But here it is, still January, and this Florida girl is TIRED of the cold weather. Thursday afternoon was so nice and got up to around 60 degrees and I was in love! Groundhog day is only a week and a half away, and this girl right here is hoping for an early spring!

All this time spent cooped up in our house with cabin fever has got me thinking a lot about vacations! Dustin and I are going to to be celebrate our first anniversary on Valentines day this year! To celebrate, we are going to be spending the weekend prior in Charleston, South Carolina. I am super-excited to see some pretty old houses, eat yummy low-country food, and spend some quality time with my hubby! We also booked our vacation to Las Vegas for spring break this year! Can't wait to try my hand at a little gambling, drink some yard-long adult beverages, and do lots of people-watching :) I'm trying to convince one of my best friends to come out there with her boyfriend as well, so we will see if it might be a double-date vacation!

Now it's time for me to drag myself out of the comfort of my warm, cozy apartment to get us some much needed food - so we can cheer on the Chicago Bears this afternoon!


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