Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our New Loves of 2011

With the new year, I have noticed that Dustin and I have some "new loves".

The TV Show: How I Met Your Mother : I know this show is old, but neither of us had EVER watched a single episode and now we are hooked. We pretty much watch every episode that comes on, no matter which channel. It's such a funny show and I can't help but wonder: when will Ted meet his future wife?

Honeycomb cereal : This has been my breakfast almost every day this year. I love me some cereal, and I really think Honeycomb is the perfect mix of sweet, but not too sweet, crunchy, and light!

Couponing :  I started clipping coupons last summer, but got a little lazy with it this fall. Now I am back to saving the Sunday coupon inserts, and then searching every two weeks on the commissary's website to see if any of the items with coupons are on sale. When they are on sale as well, we buy them with the coupons, and save doubly! On our last trip, we saved 15% just from coupons (over $10.00)!
NFL Playoffs : I never watched pro football until this year, being with Dustin. I have to say I love watching the games now and can't wait for the Super Bowl! Hopefully one of my teams (Chicago Bear or Atlanta Falcons) will make it to the championship.

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  1. Isn't couponing great? I'm just getting started myself but I've already been able to save so much money! Good for you on saving 15%!!!


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