Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Great Start to the Year

This year is off to a terrific start! My class came back ready to learn, excited about school, and totally adorable! Not to mention, I found out over winter break that a $400 grant I wrote back in September got fully funded on New Years' Eve. Any week now I should be getting a shipment of magnetic letter kits, play-doh letter stampers, and other awesome goodies for my kids to use during our daily reading center time. I am doing really well at staying on top of things with my lesson plans, and my class has been running notedly smoother after returning from break. Crossing my fingers that this change sticks!

Dustin and I have been doing really well at our goal of eating only food cooked at home in 2011. We are really trying to put away some money to buy a house, so eating out seemed like an easy area of our budget to cut back on. We will see at the month of January how much money we save! I am hoping it will be at least $200.

We are really looking forward to some trips that Dustin and I have planned over the next few months. Our wedding anniversary is coming up in February, and we have already booked a hotel in Charleston to get out of town and enjoy a little weekend trip. I am also trying to talk my parents into meeting us halfway one weekend in March in Asheville, NC to see the Biltmore and check out the winery there. I think that would be such a fun trip! Then we are having Dustin's family in town for Easter, and are hoping to plan a fun vacation to Las Vegas during my spring break at the end of April. Sin City, here we come :)


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