Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Sunday night I got the phone call from Onslow County Schools - no school for Monday, January 11th due to impending snowy weather! As a student, snow days are the best, and as a teacher, I have to say they really aren't too shabby. I get to enjoy a nice long weekend now. Also, this morning Dustin found out that since he is considered "non-essential personnel", he didn't have to go in to work on base today either! What did I plan to do all day off?

- Take down our Christmas tree - Done! Now I just need to put all the boxes away...

- Work out on my Playstation Move - Did an hour-long workout on EA Active, and a 30-minute Zumba dancing session

- Get some school stuff done online

- Snuggle with my sweet little kitties

- Frolic in the snow with Mr. Colwell - we threw some snowballs and made a miniature little snowman - my first in about 12 years I think!

- Stay up late to watch the National Championship tonight and root for the SEC (Auburn)!!

Thank you Onslow County Schools for cancelling school again tomorrow so I don't have to test my awful winter driving skills and wake up early tomorrow!

I already hear the tink, tink, tink of freezing rain on the windowpane! Now, what should be on the agenda for tomorrow?


  1. I love that there are pretzels on your snowmen!

  2. Snow days really are great! They are the best when you both get to stay home. Looks like you guys were very productive! Have to say I was rooting for the Pac 10 (Oregon) but WTG Auburn!

  3. I'm a teacher too, and I have been loving the snow days! Of course I don't love making them up, but it's more fun to have unexpected days off to make snowmen. (Love your snowman BTW!)

    Visiting from the MIl Spouse Weekly Roundup! Nice to meet you. :)


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