Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thursday Five

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I have been having an Excellent week at work. I was happy to get my fourth and final observation of the year finished, and almost all of my end-of-year reviews are done! My kids have grown so much since August and it is incredible to see the transformations!

We have made a Simple change around our house this week, but it has me feeling great! No more take-out or eating out, and we are eating home-cooked or fresh food every day. We should have been doing it all along, but the last three days have been excellent, and I am loving all the fresh fruit we picked up at the commissary this week!

I am absolutely Joyful that I have only 26 days of work before my delightful two months of vacation!

I don't know if Glamorous is the best word, but Dustin and I sure felt like we were in the midst of some super-classy charming southern style at the Mint Julep Jubilee we attended in Wilmington this weekend. Everyone was dressed to the nines and the hats were fabulous!

I am already thinking of how Refreshing it will be to hit up Zumba class again tomorrow!


  1. I wish me and Danny could stop eating out! It's the only thing we can ever think of to do!

  2. Yay for Zumba! I've actually never done it, but it always looks very fun when i see it on tv... lol. (BTW.. new to blogging... If you need someone new to follow... :D)


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