Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend of Wilmington Fun

We had a terrific weekend! It certainly doesn't hurt that there are only four more weekends at all until my giant 61-day weekend known as SUMMER BREAK!

Friday night we played it kind of low-key, heading to Tony's Seafood Restaurant for a couple cocktails and some calamari. Last time we went they had this kind of crazy barbershop quartet singing, but no such luck this time!

Saturday we headed out to Wilmington for a chance to widen our cultural horizons. We headed to the 19th Annual Wilmington Greek Festival. They have over 20,000 attendees a year, and actually shuttle people from the nearby K-mart since parking is at such a premium. The weather couldn't have been better, and Dustin and I enjoyed a travel date night that didn't involve any cooking on my part! We ordered some tasty lamb gyros, with some deliciously seasoned fries. Dustin tried a Greek beer, which was actually pretty good, and I tried a sweet red Greek wine.

My wine was really sweet, almost like sherry. It tasted really good, except when I tried to eat it with my food. So instead, I drank about half my glass before the meal, and the other half afterwards. We listened to some live music (in Greek!) and then watched the dancers perform. 

The whole event reminded me of a giant family reunion, except we didn't know any of the people there. It was a step outside of the box with some really yummy food and a nice relaxing day.

Before we left Wilmington, we stopped at Fuzzy Peach for some frozen yogurt. I LOVED this place. 

You pick up a cup, fill it up with frozen yogurt (I chose strawberry banana, Dustin opted for cheesecake flavor), and then add in whatever toppings you would like. At the end of the counter, they weigh your cups and you are charged by the ounce. I thought it was a really clever little place. It was delicious, and so much fun to add in all the toppings yourself! Although Dustin's gummy worm, butterfinger, raspberry syrup concoction made me sick to my stomach by just looking at it!

Sunday we decided to take advantage of the Carmike 16's budget tickets. I think the hours are between 4 and 6, when you can attend any movie and pay only $5 for your ticket (almost half price!). We saw Fast Five, which I highly recommend, and it was a great ending to our simple and fun weekend!


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