Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Summer Plans

The weather has been growing more pretty by the day. My countdown is officially at 16 days of school left, meaning only 21 more days to show up at work. I signed my contract for next year today, so I am feeling very grateful to know that I have a job next year! Anyways, here is a list of all the different events Dustin and I have added to our calendar for this summer. I am not sure if we will actually get to all the things on my exhaustive list, but I think we sure will have fun trying to work through them all!

Camping - I'm not sure where I would want to go, but somewhere that has tent camping, hiking, and swimming at least! We'll have to knock this one out in June or wait until October, because there is nothing I hate more than sleeping outside on a hot summer night! Sweaty tent, no thanks!

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Military appreciation night at Kinston Indians Game (free admission) plus $1 hot dogs - June 15th


Keith Urban Concert in Raleigh, NC - June 25th


Chicago trip for a big family reunion with the extended family, along with some time in the Windy City to check out the Taste of Chicago. I imagine we will be eating lots of yummy hot dogs and deep dish pizza, along with checking out a few of my favorite summer stomping grounds from my childhood growing up in the Midwest. Not to mention, we are taking a family portrait with my parents and brothers.


My birthday - the big 25! Not really sure what we will be doing to celebrate, but I hope it involves some frozen beverages and a spot by the beach or pool!

Dustin's birthday - last year I threw him a poker party, and I will have to think of another cute theme to top it this year. We may end up going home to Atlanta during this week, since we haven't been back since Christmas.

Weekend adventure to Busch Gardens (Active Duty and family get one free ticket a year) and Richmond, VA


In between all these fun shenanigans, I am setting myself some lofty goals with all the spare time I will have on my hands. First of all, I want to cook a lot more. Like, instead of one time a week, more like five or six times. I love to cook, but those long days teaching really take it out of me! Also, I am hoping to write a couple more grants for classroom materials I need, since the North Carolina budget for materials has been cut tremendously. I have been pretty successful through my Donors Choose web site this year, and have gotten $933 of materials bought for my classroom just this year! My last goal for this summer is to get back in shape. I am thinking lots of Zumba classes, lacing up those sneakers for some running around town, and maybe even trying a P90x or Insanity program with my hubby! Think I can accomplish it all? I hope so!

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