Friday, July 29, 2011

I got my keys back!

After a summer of sleeping in until 10:00, having not a thing to accomplish on my to-do list, and plenty of traveling, it is almost that time again. Back to school time! Target has rolled out their enormous display of school supplies and I can shamelessly say I stocked up for my classroom early. Composition notebooks for 40 cents each (90 of them, in 4 separate trips, Dustin loved that one!), pencil boxes for 59 cents (30 of those) and some great plastic book boxes for $2.50 each (could only find 27 of those, and that was between NC and IN). This teacher feels like she has spent enough money on classroom supplies this more, but I have a feeling a couple more trips to the store stand in the way of me being officially done!

Yesterday our school had an optional meeting, I helped interview a few people for teacher positions, and then got the keys back to my classroom! I am so excited to be back there setting up my room and can't wait to meet my new little 5-year-olds in just a few short weeks! I thought it might be fun to leave you guys with some BEFORE pictures of my classroom - after the custodians have moved every item in my classroom around to strip and wax all the floors!


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