Monday, August 22, 2011

Atlanta Road Trip

I have been missing from my blog the last couple weeks because Dustin and I headed back home to Georgia for a few days! Here are some of our highlights of our time in the Peach State.

Dustin went golfing with my brothers and Dad.

Oh, how I miss delicious Publix subs! Please ignore the fact that we were eating off of Christmas paper plates!

Headed up to the North Georgia mountains to help my parents clean up the cabin. They are putting it up for sale, because we just don't go up there often enough now that two of the three kids live out of state.

Another reason I love Publix grocery stores? Their Alpharetta location has an awesome Aprons cooking class where the chefs there do neat demonstrations. I went with my parents to their "Chef's Table" class. Usually they provide you with the recipes for the meals they cook, but since the chefs used their creative license to make up their own "gourmet" meals for this event, we just came to eat and enjoy, and not to recreate these at home. It was nine courses of absolute decadence! It would seriously be dangerous if I lived near here full-time.

Here was our tasty menu (only the part of it that could fit in my Instagram window)

Beet Salad with Crabmeat, also known as my first time ever eating a beet. It tasted good!

My lovely parents

Mmmm greens with mashed corn potatoes and fried chicken chicharones. The chef said she used pureed corn and mayonnaise in the mashed potatoes, and they tasted awesome!

Resting between courses of food and wine. Oh yeah, did I mention that they will literally serve you a different glass of wine with EVERY course? It's a little much, so you might have to actually turn down a couple glasses if you want to be able to walk a straight line after your dinner.

Another tasty little dish. She butterflied the shrimp, stuffed them with Cajun sausage, flash fried them in a mix of cooking oil and bacon grease, and then tossed them in a hot sauce / melted butter mixture. They are sitting on a yummy Caro syrup and three pepper mixture. Seriously, are you guys getting how absolutely amazing this food was? 

Okay, this was a really yummy flashback to living in Florida. She made some Mojo pork butt with a black bean and rice mixture. This seems like a meal that would go over REALLY well in Miami. I thought it was pretty neat she incorporated coconut in the rice!

To cleanse our palate, we had a lime, honeydew, cucumber cold soup. It was a little weird tasting, I'm not going to lie.

Delicious fish! At this point I was really running out of room in my tummy!

It was a big disappointment when my iPhone died, so I don't have photos of the last dishes, which were equally amazing! But I will fill you in that we ate some incredible filet mignon with macaroni and cheese lasagna! My best guess on that mac and cheese lasagna was that he incorporated some ricotta and Parmesan cheese to make it taste oh-so-incredible.

The night would not be complete without some card games and cannoli back at my parents' house!

It's funny to me that every visit it seems like I miss Georgia a little bit more than the last visit. Who knows what we will be doing or where we will be in two years, but I am starting to think that being back in Georgia wouldn't be all that bad!


  1. mmm all that food looks SO good!

  2. That food looks delicious! Looks like you had a great time! :)


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