Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Mama's Visit

After spending a week with my family in Georgia, my mom came back to North Carolina to visit us! Our drive was incredibly long and rainy, but it was full of beautiful rainbows at least!

My mom's visit was full of some fun nights out on the town, lots of chit-chat, and taking advantage of my mom's awesome decorating and crafting talents. Here are some photos of our yummy dinner at Chili's with Dustin and my mom.

Like the new short hair? I wanted something a little older looking before my annual "Meet the Teacher" event.

This week my mom helped me out in setting up my classroom because she is such a great mom (photos to come soon!) and then she also helped me envision how we are going to set up a wall arrangement above the sofa in our family room. Here is our "work in progress". I hope to get all my canvases painted and hung by the end of next weekend, so I am keeping you on the edge of your seat for now!


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