Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene Preparation

I lived in Florida for six years, and experienced my own fair share of hurricanes while I was there. However, during that time I lived about 80 miles from the coast, so it took quite a bit for a hurricane to come and get us in little old Gainesville.

Well now we live about 20 miles from the coast, and a category three major hurricane is headed our way. I am such a weather dork! I even checked the weather channel during my precious 30-minute break from the kids today at work. As I left work today I found out that school will be getting out two hours early tomorrow, so I will be checking my phone obsessively tonight and tomorrow morning to make sure that stays the case.

I have done more than I usually ever do to prepare for a hurricane. We have two flashlights with fresh batteries, lots of candles and two lighters, MREs in our closet, and lots of filtered water!

So, the big question is, what am I missing from this list? My mom already told me we should try to get a battery-powered radio so we can keep updated during the storm if power or internet goes out. Jacksonville peeps, what are you doing to prepare for the storm?


  1. Make sure you have enough cash and a tank full of gas!

  2. @ACUs and ABCs
    Thanks for the tip! We are always bad about having cash, and gas is on my "before school" tomorrow to-do list!

  3. I agree with ACU/ABC's to make sure you have a tank full of gas, some cash on you, and definitely some non-perishable foods (I know you have MRE's but still!) Stay safe!


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