Friday, September 9, 2011

I've Caught the Bug

You think after 6+ years working with kids, I would realize that this happens each year. Dull and aching headache, scratchy throat, and stuffy nose? They all mean that I have come down with the Kindergarten Krud! How could it be that 0 of my 29 kids have gotten sick, but I will spend this weekend guzzling Alka Seltzer like its my job?

Alka Seltzer Plus® Nighttime Effervescent. Use as directed.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend, and I am hoping that a few walks out in the fresh air this weekend, along with lots of medicine and rest, will make me a chipper teacher come Monday morning! Maybe I will bake some apple pie this weekend, with the hope that the delicious smell will somehow help me regain my AWOL sense of smell!


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