Sunday, September 25, 2011

Love... Canvas Project

I am totally stealing this idea from my friend, Nicole, who is also participating in the Pinterest challenge. I have some catching up to do - I'm two weeks behind!

Anyways, since Pinterest is all about stealing someone else's creation (and being a teacher, I am very skilled at "stealing" ideas from my peers), I am going to share something I pinned, and then actually followed through.

I found a really cute canvas idea to include in my (still unfinished) family room photo arrangement. The original idea is...

Well, the original creator painted the canvases black and then used some awesome freehand skills to paint the words. I didn't trust my hand too much, plus I wanted to add some texture to my canvas. So I switched out the white paint for some carefully glued white yarn. Here is the finished product...

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Just wish I could figure out a way to hang the canvases perfectly straight. Thanks for the inspiration fellow pinners! Click below to join in on the fun!


  1. Love it! I think I like the string better since it gives it that three dimensional look.

  2. @JessaThanks! It was super easy to do, and we're happy with the results :)

  3. That is super cute! I love the yarn!

  4. I'm thinking it would be really cute with just about any word - maybe someday in a baby nursery? Not black of course. Thanks for stopping by!


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