Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Strange but True: Random Teacher Trivia

Remember picture day at school? Get all dolled up for your pictures, only to be significantly disappointed when the proofs arrive a few weeks later. Well, when you begin your career as a teacher, you find out that even though you thought you had escaped the terrible eye twitch, awkward smile, or strangely angled head poses that plagued your school pictures in the past, you were mistaken.

Because now, I get to still have my picture taken twice a year. Once in the fall to be captured for eternity in school yearbook photos, and again in the spring, when I pose with a class of 20+ little kids who are about the size of one of my legs. Yea, nothing makes you second guess your body image like a photo posing beside a class full of kindergarteners.

So today was our fall photo day. It sure is entertaining to witness kindergarten kiddos give their best smile, which more looks like a growling dog combined with seeing a ghost (gritting teeth and bug-eyes)! Even though teachers get the chance to approve their photo before walking away from the photographer, I can honestly say I haven't *liked* any of the photos I have had taken as a teacher. Not to mention, I get a free complete package of my photos every year. Even my hubby and parents don't want a copy of the wallets :(

Would it be totally narcissistic of myself to send home a wallet with each of my students this year? Because I honestly can't think of anyone else who wouldn't immediately throw them away.


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