Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is a Bad Sign

So... hubby's deployment is MONTHS away. And I am already starting to think of things I will miss about him. God forbid if I encounter any TV shows or country songs that somehow mention the military, because I will be a sobbing, sappy mess. So, after 15 days of Dustin being gone, and 10 days of him being back, I am already starting my list of things I will totally miss about him while he is gone...

1. Date nights. Because really, it would be incredibly depressing for someone to go out to dinner and have a glass of wine or a beer by themselves. But as part of a couple? Totally fun!

2. Talking to a live human being at home. Because conversations on the phone or with cats just don't cut it. I heard on the radio that the average woman talks more to her pet than her husband, and I had to question: really? Because, when my husband is here, I talk to him, not to my cats. Because talking to your cats really makes you feel a little crazy. Especially when they leave their spot on the sofa next to you when you start talking, and high tail it to another room in the apartment. Hubby NEVER does that!

3. Car sing-alongs. If you don't have sing-alongs to the radio with your spouse, you really don't know what you are missing out on. Yeah, we are that couple that everyone else probably thinks is crazy when pulled up beside us at a stoplight.

4. Bickering about sports teams. We don't cheer for the same football teams, and as much as it gets under my skin at times, watching a game with him sure beats watching it by myself.

Making this list just makes me really want 2013 to arrive. Is it bad to wish away over a year of your life? Rhetorical question there, of course it is. And to all the ladies out there that have survived a deployment: you are awesome, and I wish I was like you, already on the other side of it!

But I can't complain TOO much, as I know I will have an awesome support system! My mom has already offered to visit whenever I want, and about three different families of students I have taught have offered to help me out with whatever I need while Dustin is deployed. I would just rather he not leave, you know? Sigh.

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  1. I know the feeling! It's so not the same when they're gone. :( Hang in there!! x


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