Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm a other people's dreams?

Ok, I know that you can analyze your own dreams and it's supposed to tell you about your worries, stresses, feelings, blah, blah, blah. What about when people tell you they are having dreams about you? In the last few months, I have starred in the dreams of three different people.

1. A coworker had a dream that I told her I was not coming back to work, because I had started my own charter school. She was shocked, and told me that she really thought I loved teaching kindergarten at my current school. In the dream, I apparently told her that I was just faking it the whole time, and I really hated it. What ?!?!?

2. A student of mine had a dream that the entire class (including me) was flying around on unicorns (for girls), dragons (for boys), and a flying dog for a particularly dog-loving student of mine. Hmmm...

3. Another student of mine had a dream that I had a zipper on my mouth. I'm especially concerned about this one, for obvious reasons! Shocking!

Anybody else been the star in some weird dreams?


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