Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Party Like a Marine Corps Party...

Tonight was Dustin's unit's Dining In Night. It was hosted on base, and was very similar to a Marine Corps Ball, except without the traditions and formal ceremonies included.

I got home from work today, heated up the curling iron, and got to work transforming my make-up from daytime teacher simple to evening glam. I had already used a new bronze nail polish the night before to give myself a simple mani/pedi. After getting my hairdo just right, I slipped (make that shimmied) into my ball dress from last year. It still felt just right, and is timeless enough to still look lovely years from now.

Here are a few photos of me and my handsome marine...please ignore the creepy zombie eyes that Dustin's  camera phone gave us in the first picture!

We had a couple cocktails, enjoyed dinner and conversations with some of the marines Dustin works with, and then hit the dance floor! Everybody really cut loose and had a good time dancing to the Cha Cha Slide, Cupid's Shuffle, and some other songs where I simply watched from the sidelines. I have to say the best part were the slow songs, even though there was a pang of sadness in the moment. Just a couple months from now Dustin will be thousands of miles away, and it may very well be that this will be our last Marine Corps formal, since we are leaning toward transitioning to civilian life after the deployment. I saw several ladies wiping and fanning away tears, so I know I was not alone!

I definitely saw some interesting outfit choices at this event though! Like a girl with a dress that had not one, but two, slits going alllllll the way up. And a dress that definitely didn't even reach the girls' fingertips. I mean, this event is for your man's career, it wouldn't hurt to try to class it up a little more than that.

We headed out before it got too late, as I have a class full of kiddos to teach and inspire tomorrow, along with conferences scheduled until 6:30 in the evening!


  1. Glad you guys had a great time! You look gorgeous!

  2. You look stunning! I have a similar dress and I always feel saucy in it:) There always seems to be a tinge of sadness at these things. Just enjoy him and the small moments together.


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