Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Domestic Difficulties

I have always loved decorating, crafting, and cooking. All through high school and college I loved to plan and try out new meals and work on crafts. But the stress of the real world has been kicking my behind! It is seriously a good week in this house if we eat home-prepared food four times in a week. That's sad you guys! By the time I get home from work (anywhere from 5:30 to 7:00 depending on the day) I am in no mood to do anything productive! In October we have done a little better on eating at home. I have been cooking big batches of food, and then freezing some of it to re-heat a couple weeks later. Then I bought a timer to plug our Crock-pot into and prepped a meal before I headed off to school Monday morning. It was so amazing to come home to the smell of a delicious home-cooked meal!

The next challenge I need to overcome is cleaning our apartment. We are having friends over for a party on Saturday, so we need to get our cleaning into gear. That means going through mail, catching up on laundry, unpacking suitcases and shopping bags, and straightening up the guest room in case anyone needs to spend the night after the party. One of my coworkers just hired a maid because of how overwhelmed she was feeling, and I have to say I am secretly quite jealous!

How do you balance time spent at work and keeping up with household chores? And anyone have any time-saving tips for cooking like crock-pot or freezer recipes?


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