Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun With Friends in Raleigh

Last weekend while Dustin and I were in Williamsburg, we found out from my friend Brittany that she and her boyfriend got engaged! It just happened to be perfect timing that we had plans to visit them this weekend in Raleigh already. Friday after work we drove up to Brittany's apartment. Her place is within walking distance to the state fairgrounds, where we enjoyed some good, old-fashioned fair fun! We went on a few great rides, and I even braved a super-fast spinning ride. I finally got to try some deep-fried Oreos and OHMYGOSH they were amazing! This was the perfect way to start the weekend - I felt like I was 16 years old again, engaging in some Friday night fun at the fair. Brittany and I had a great time reminiscing on the old high school days and talking about wedding planning fun and frustrations.

We stayed up really late, chatting and sipping on cheap canned beer. The next day Brittany and Michael cooked us up some delicious egg sandwiches for breakfast, and then some homemade artichoke dip while we vegged out in front of some college football. You can tell we were having a relaxing day when all four of us fell asleep for a nap in the family room - sprawled all over the sofa and floor! I guess we are a little older than we thought we were! Saturday night we had Mellow Mushroom for the first time in a couple years - and hopefully we will never wait that long again! I am seriously adding to my list of things I will be so happy to be constantly around when we move back to Georgia :)

We went to Speak Easy on Saturday night and played some pool and people-watched. Apparently fur vests and pleather leggings are new fashions that I was simply not aware of. Can't say that I will be sporting them anytime soon! Sunday afternoon rolled around too quickly, finding us at the neighborhood bar watching the Falcons game and chowing down on deliciously greasy bar food.

The weekend went by so fast, and I am really hoping we can set up another double date weekend before Dustin deploys. If nothing else, I can't wait to celebrate their wedding next year!


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