Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Want to Feel Like a Celebrity?

Be a kindergarten teacher! Seriously, we went to our school night at CiCi's tonight, and all eyes were on me during our entire dinner! They may not have had cameras, but all those kids sure were watching me like the paparazzi! A former student was literally hanging out in the parking lot waiting to see me since I said I would be there at 6:00 when I saw her in the hallway (gotta blame Mr. Colwell for being late this time).

Even after a slightly frustrating day at work, it makes the day 100% better to see how excited my kids are to see me outside of school! Funniest parts of the evening had to be when one of my students looked at my half-eaten plate and says "Nice salad you got there!". You have to imagine it coming from a 5-year-old's mouth :) Then later, the same child motions to a classmate across the room. "Hey! I see our teacher eating her food. Do you see her?"

These moments make teaching the career that has absolutely priceless rewards!

Thanks to everyone who commented about deployment saving tips! I will definitely be starting my paperwork to-do list and trying really hard to avoid spontaneous shopping sprees :)


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