Thursday, November 10, 2011

Change of Plans and Kitty Emergency

Dustin and I had big plans to head to Asheville this weekend. I took a personal day off of work this Thursday, arranged for a sub, and everything. Wednesday night, I arrive home from work to find blood splotches ALL over the apartment. Or rather, for Dustin to tell me he had just noticed them. There had to be at least 20 splotches of blood all over the guest room floor, hallway, and even in a piece of luggage Dustin had just emptied out! We inspected both of the cats from head to toe, but couldn't find any cuts or wounds. I got busy scrubbing the carpet spots with some Resolve cleaner while Dustin cleaned out the luggage. Then we noticed Bailey crawl into a corner, and pee blood! I immediately freaked out, googled it online, and then freaked out even more. The article I quickly scanned said that in male cats, this is a sign of a urinary tract infection, which left untreated could kill the cat in 24-48 hours. Holy crap! Banfield was already closed for the night, so we caged up our poor kitty and took him to the emergency vet near the mall.

The doctor there was super-friendly and informative, and totally calmed our fears. She said he probably had a UTI, but that it hadn't blocked his bladder. A couple shots later with a prescription for antibiotics, and our wallet $200 lighter, and we were out the door. I was very happy to hear that we can treat Bailey with some medication and he should be better in a couple days, BUT his medicine schedule meant we could no longer leave town for a relaxing Asheville vacation. Instead, we decided to have a chill weekend around town and enjoy the time together. I sure will miss him once he leaves!

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  1. UGH! I'm glad he will be okay! I was wondering why Dustin called last night to see if we wanted to hangout! Hope you guys have a fun weekend around town :) :)


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