Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gallery Wall Art: Finally Finished!

My wall display of picture frames and do-it-myself artwork is finally complete! I have been tinkering around with these projects over the last three months and I am so glad that I will no longer have empty canvases hanging on the wall.

Some of my favorite pieces on the wall up-close...

Mod podge quotes and flowers inspired by the pattern on our dinnerware.

Wooden plaque commemorating the date of our first kiss. Hard to believe it has been over 7 years! Sorry it's so blurry!

Wooden plaque with our anniversary year. Thinking I might go back later and add the word Colwell.

Home is wherever I'm with you - using scrapbook paper and letter stickers. It feels like it is missing that "something" to make it pop out. Maybe I will create a little painted black border to go around the edges and make the words stand out more on the canvas.

Did-it-myself honeymoon photo canvas. They sent us the canvas, but not actually stretched. Instead it was simply rolled up. I trimmed the edges and used mod podge to adhere the canvas picture to a blank canvas I had purchased in the same size. Looks pretty good, I think! May go back later and paint the sides black, with a little bit of faded black around the edges to make it look seamless.

Now for me to kick up my heels and enjoy the finished display. I've got my eye on some kitchen projects next, I think.


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