Sunday, November 20, 2011

Veteran's Day Projects

My husband is in the Marine Corps, and we live in a military town, so Veteran's Day is a big deal around here! Last year my class made popsicle stick American flags and a giant American flag hand-print banner.

This year, I did the same thing, but added a new activity as well! We made camo-dressed veterans and wrote sentences about what a veteran is.

The kids thought they were the greatest thing ever, and the parents who saw them hanging in the hallway have commented on how cute they are as well. We are having some special visitors on campus in a week, and my principal requested that kindergarten keep up our little veterans for the visitors to see. It's always nice to hear the boss likes what you're doing!

I also showed the kids a slideshow of veterans, with surprise photos of their veteran parents and grandparents interspersed as well. Soon I will post with the activities we are working on for Thanksgiving. November is flying by!


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