Monday, November 21, 2011

DIY Fondue Night

A night of Fondue out on the town runs about...

$16 Cheese fondue for 2
$16 Chocolate fondue for 2
$10 Beer/wine
$12 Tax and Tip

$54 for a Fondue night out

So I decided that we would put together our own fondue night using some recipes I found online. I already had heavy whipping cream, and plenty of beer and wine in the fridge for preparing our date night in, so I didn't include those in the price list.

$4.00 Mozzarella Cheese
$6.00 Asiago Cheese
$6.00 Asti Spumanti Champagne
$2.00 French Bread
$2.00 Royal Gala Apples
$2.50 Special Dark Chocolate
$2.50 Pound Cake
$1.00 Marshmallows
$4.00 Strawberries
$1.00 Tax

$33 for a Fondue night in

The cheese fondue was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. It didn't get as gooey as I would have liked, but instead was a little grainy tasting. The chocolate fondue, however, was sinfully delicious and I would certainly make it again! Plus it was just fun to eat using our little fondue skewers!


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