Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Cards Revisited

We received a lovely orange package in the mail the other day: our Christmas cards from Shutterfly! They turned out wonderfully printed, and I can't wait to send them off.

However, the other day I was reading my blog reel, and came across a fabulous idea to really add a "handmade" touch to printed Christmas cards. Hostess with the Mostess made her Christmas cards more glamorous with the addition of rhinestones, glitter, and ribbon.

I headed to Michael's and bough some fine red glitter and green tinsel glitter. I also bought two packages of rhinestone stickers. I used a paintbrush and clear tacky glue to carefully glue and glitter the tiny red and green trees on our cards. Then I added some rhinestones to some of the sparkles on the page.



I think they look extra cute and funky now! We are hoping to get them in the mail the day after Thanksgiving. One thing to check off my growing holiday checklist.


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