Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bright Ideas Grant Banquet

Earlier this fall I applied for a classroom grant from JOEMC, the local electric company. I wrote a proposal to spend $421 on authentic global literature and materials to create pen-pal packages for exchanging letters and trinkets with classrooms from Mexico, China, and India. I wrote up the proposal this October, mailed it off, and then waited to hear word back.

A couple weeks later I received the great news that my grant had been fully awarded! This Monday night was the fall banquet to honor the award recipients with their check and dinner. The event was held at Jacksonville High School and I was surprised to learn that JOEMC funded over 60 projects this year. Dinner was catered by Hilda's, and I have to tell you that was some good Southern cooking. I will have to take Dustin over there some time before he deploys to see if it gets his seal of approval. It was nice to chat with a couple other teachers from different schools, and it was GREAT to get my $400 check. I can't wait to start ordering the materials and setting up our classroom with some global pen pals in 2012.

Thanks JOEMC! And this month when you pay your electricity bill, feel a little better knowing that the company you are doing business with is giving back to the local community in a huge way!


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