Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dustin's Deployment Day

It's been about a week since Dustin left, but I didn't really want to post anything until I knew he was safely at his final destination. Now that he is staying put in one place, he did tell me the other day via chat that he never wants to fly on a plane again. Poor guy. I guess the newness of flying has finally worn off for him, and I can only imagine he is incredibly jet lagged until he gets into a normal sleep pattern.

Anyway, Dustin's deployment window was during the middle of the night. He loaded all his deployer bags, sea bags, and backpacks into the back of my little hatchback and we headed on base. Once we got there, it was a lot of standing in formation, taking attendance, and organizing bags. We had completely forgotten to eat during the day, so I left to go grab some Burger King for him as a last greasy meal in the States.

The guys left for the armory to get their weapons, and I used that time to catch a quick cat nap in my car away from the cold. After Dustin got back, we just spent the last couple hours together in the cold chatting and snuggling.

The 7-ton trucks pulled up and all the marines started loading the bags inside. At that point is when him leaving really started to sink in. Those last few minutes were precious, as everyone was basically just waiting for the buses to pull up and for everyone to leave.

When I saw the procession of headlights coming around the bend in the road, it felt like someone punched me in the stomach. There were the buses that were coming to take my hubby away. We said our quick "see you later"s with a hug and a kiss, and then he was off to load the bus, and I was driving back to my empty apartment alone.

I spent the next day just hanging around the house, catching up on laundry and packing for my visit home. It's time for me to really start my countdown for my hubby coming back safe and sound!


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