Sunday, December 11, 2011

Girls' Night Out at Duplin Winery

My good friend Nicole is a member of the Duplin Winery out in Rose Hill, NC. Every so often she gets invitations to special winery events, and passes the goodies onto friends like me as well! I was a little hesitant because it was a school night, but I managed to make it out to work just the same. It is hard to pass up on free wine! This Wednesday we all carpooled out to the Winery for some wine sampling, yummy appetizers and desserts, and some fun boutique style shopping as well. I have been to the winery enough times that I know my three or four favorite drinks, and don't stray too far away from those oldies but goodies. This time I had a couple glasses of my favorite Christmas wine - Naughty and Nice.

Here is a photo of all their other award-winning bottles.

The winery gives excellent discounts to military connected folks, including something like a 25% discount if you buy a case (12 bottles of wine). On Veterans' Day, Dustin and I drove out there and bought a case of wine for 40% off. What a steal! We have enough wine for all our holiday gatherings, and are able to bring a bottle as a hostess gift whenever we are invited to someone else's house for a party! Not to mention that at girls' night I snatched up 3 bottles of Naughty and Nice, a Christmas wine stopper for my mom, and an adorable gift for one of my friend's baby - all for less than $40. Those three bottles of wine alone usually cost around $32 without the discount!

If we leave this area, we are definitely going to have to remember about those Veterans' Day discounts, because I remember hearing they were good over the phone as well! I love me some inexpensive Duplin wine!

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  1. I really never got to take advantage of the Duplin winery when we were still living down there. Glad you had fun! :)


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