Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cookie Exchange Party

This Friday night I hosted a cookie exchange for my friends. The idea is that everyone works hard in the kitchen making one kind of cookie, and then brings them to the party. At the party, everyone swaps cookies with the other guests, and ends up taking an assortment of cookies home to their families. So you may end up with six or seven varieties of cookies, but you only spent a couple hours in the kitchen! I thought the idea was genius and wanted to get my friends involved in the fun. I tried one of these two years ago, but it was kind of a flop because I think only one other person got around to making cookies as I recall. This year was a much better success!

Before the party, I made some BLT dip (2 c. sour cream, 1 c. mayo, 1 lb. bacon, lettuce, tomato) with toast squares. I also winterized some mini donuts by turning the powdered donuts into snowmen, and the chocolate donuts into Rudolphs. I made a tall platter of ham and cheese pinwheels the night before, but I totally forgot to take them out for the party! Instead, Dustin and I ate them for lunch the next day. Oops!

We had a great time chatting, sampling cookies, and sipping on champagne punch and Duplin wine. I hope to definitely do this again next year! Here are some photos of the beautiful cookies everyone made...


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