Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Parties and a 5K Race

This was the week of holiday gatherings and parties in the Colwell household.

Wednesday night we headed to Marston Pavilion for Dustin's unit's holiday party. It was a big event and seemed like they had a pretty good turnout, but those holiday parties seem like they are always more for the families. Gunny Claus was there posing for pictures, and somebody was making some amazing balloon animals (like Rudolph!) for the kiddos. Dustin and I grabbed some dinner, and not seeing any of the people he works with, sat down at the end of a table by ourselves. As we are eating dinner, I feel as though I am being watched (I swear, I'm not paranoid). Well about five minutes later the girl sitting diagonal from me asks if I am a kindergarten teacher at XYZ school. I reply that yes, I am. Then she says, "Oh, I thought so because of your shirt." Dustin and I both immediately look down at my shirt, expecting to see my school's logo or something. But no, just a normal, everyday shirt. Kids really say the craziest things. Anyway, I had never seen this girl before in my life, but wouldn't you know that I saw her the very next morning, peeking into my classroom door as I was teaching a lesson. LOL.

Thursday night we were supposed to head to Wilmington for a holiday event, but I was wiped after a long day at work, and ended my unexciting evening by falling asleep on our loveseat at 7:15 in the evening.

Friday night my workplace had our holiday party at Logan's. We chowed down on some delicious steak and potatoes, and enjoyed sharing workplace (funny kid) stories with my work friends. It is really refreshing to just get a chance to unwind and laugh with the people you work with. I think one of the hardest things about my teaching career so far is making connections with the people you work with, only to have to move away, or have them move away during the next year. Even though I am teaching in the same grade at the same school, only one of the four teachers on our team this year was on my team last year as well. Lots of change!

Saturday morning Dustin and I woke up super-early so that I could head out to support my school's Girls on the Run team in the Merry Fitness 5K Race this morning. Isn't my hubby so sweet that he woke up early and ran with me in the freezing cold? I sure think so! The waiting for the race to start was cold, but once the race started, we were off! It didn't take long for me to need a few walk breaks on my run, and my awesome marine husband was very encouraging in trying to motivate me to keep running without making me feel bad :) I know that it had to be killing him to slow himself down to my horrendous pace. I was just happy that I finished my first 5K, and jogged most of it as well. I finished with a time of 40:11, so about a 13:00 mile pace. Here is me after the race in my "superhero" cape. We all wore them to show team unity!

I think this will be my starting point for a goal to start jogging some more, and maybe try another race in the spring!


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