Friday, December 30, 2011

What We Did in 2011

Last year I had the idea to review all the things we did in 2010, and it was such a blast to remember all the fun we had. Well 2011 was another busy year, so here's the month by month recap.


We had a day of snowy fun when school was cancelled and we made a snowman in space outside our apartment.


Dustin and I celebrated our first anniversary with a great dinner in Myrtle Beach and a weekend of sightseeing in Charleston, South Carolina.


Dustin was promoted to Corporal. We took our first trip to Duplin Winery on a double date with our friends Nicole and Danny.


We had our very first holiday alone together: Easter! We spent spring break having a wonderful vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. We tried our hand at black jack and had a great time visiting as many casinos as we could!


We spent some weekends in Wilmington between checking out the Greek Festival and celebrating the Kentucky Derby with the Mint Julep Jubilee.


Second year of teaching was in the books! I celebrated with a girls' night out at Duplin Winery and came home with a case of wine that would last me through the summer!


Tim McGraw concert in Virginia Beach and a wonderful week with my extended family in Chicago and Indiana. Then a beer festival in New Bern to celebrate Dustin's birthday.


We went back to visit the family in Atlanta, and then it was back to work for me, setting up my classroom and meeting a new years' group of kids. I also cut off all my hair! I got to spend the day seeing what it is like to be a marine on Dustin's Jane Wayne day!


Started my Pinterest addiction with a few simple projects, like this love.. canvas.


We hosted our Second Annual Halloween Party and spent a weekend in Raleigh with our friends Brittany and Michael. We watched some football and visited the NC State Fair. We even went to Virginia to visit the Jamestown Settlement and do some outlet mall shopping. Dustin also took me to the shooting range for the first time ever. AND... we went to Dustin's Dining In night. Whew! October was a busy month!


I met Nicholas Sparks at a meet and greet at Cherry Point. We traveled back to Atlanta for Thanksgiving, and enjoyed spending time with family.


Dustin was with me every step of the way as I finished my first ever 5K race! I started the countdown until Dustin is back home in the states again, when he deployed overseas.

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  1. Such a great year! I need to start working on my recap - which will take forever on my phone!


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