Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun Times with Spouses of Hubby's Unit

Dustin has been deployed for four months, but I really hadn't participated in any of the FRO-organized spouse events during that time. Since I don't have kids, the kid-friendly events didn't really seem to be my cup of tea, and a girls' night with friends I actually knew conflicted with the Valentine fondue night the unit organized in February.

Last weekend, the event was at my favorite Jacksonville restaurant - Marrakesh! I couldn't possibly say no to delicious Mediterranean salad and shish kabob, so I RSVPed yes and got ready to mingle with some new people. I ended up having a really good time! We had a guest speaker, who was from Afghanistan and has served as an interpreter for several years. He told us quite about about the customs, culture, and hardships the local people are experiencing out there. There was a lady that gave people henna tattoos. I was too noncommittal for even picking a design that would last only two weeks, so I chickened out. We enjoyed good food and conversation, and even had a performance from a belly dancer!
Yum, Mediterranean salad samples and red wine.
Awesome belly dancer!
After chatting with the ladies at the Afghan night, I was talked into reading The Hunger Games in time for the book club meeting this Wednesday. I bought the book on my iPad Monday after school and literally read it cover to cover. I know why I don't read more often - I get sucked in way too easily! Of course, after reading the first book Monday afternoon. I intended to read only part of the second book this week (ha, ha, like I would stop halfway), and then I read that whole thing as well. Reading the books just makes me want to see the movie more than before, even though I have heard lots of people were disappointed after the book. The next book is Thousand Splendid Suns. Anyone read it?

Going to these events with Dustin's unit made me realize I definitely need to make sure I try to say "yes" to every opportunity that comes my way with Dustin being gone. Plus, it definitely made me feel better to hear other ladies going through the same stress as me. Like, frustration after not hearing from my man for days at a time, or a nervous stomach when hubby says things like "I'm going to be out of contact for the next week". Talking to the other ladies made me even more excited to see my hubby for R&R. I probably won't find out the exact dates until the very last minute - but I just can't wait to be with my other half for two weeks! I sure do miss that guy :)

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  1. This is crazy, I have been following your blog for a little while and just realized we live in the same town!! I haven't really been to any of our unit's family readiness events either. Everyone has kids! My hubs is also deployed but thankfully not for much longer. If you ever need a friend though, email me! :)


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