Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day at School

Since Earth Day fell on a weekend this year, we celebrated the occasion for a day before and after the actual date.

This is the third year that I have made these Earth day necklaces from blue and green glue. Although, I can't take credit for the idea - it came from the 1st grade team I interned with in Florida. Here are the steps, if you want to try your hand.

1. First, you need to mix up some blue and green glue (add food coloring to Elmer's).
2. Then, you print out some circles on paper, and staple a scrap of plastic sheet protector to it (tried transparency one year, but it wouldn't peel off).
3. Now, you give the glue to the kiddos and make sure they lay it on nice and thick inside the lines - no empty spots!
4. Let it dry overnight, then puncture a hole (with a pencil, if you're inventive like me) and add yarn. Voila!

My kids absolutely loved them, and even though it was a day later, I had about 5 students wear them to school again today. I had one girl who loved hers so much she told me that "it is so comfy I can even wear it to sleep". Kids say the strangest things!

Our school's National Elementary Honor Society sent a group of students to my class to make these lovely coffee filter Earths with my class.

I have had these pinned on Pinterest for a little while now, but had mentally earmarked them for next year. So I was thrilled when those fourth and fifth graders came in toting all the necessary supplies and directions. The older kids were very patient and enthusiastic, and it was really a treat to just step back and assist rather than run the whole activity for my class. And of course the kiddos loved it!


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